Testing Grounds

Introducing: Testing Grounds

January 17, 2023 NAARCA
Testing Grounds
Introducing: Testing Grounds
Show Notes

As the climate crisis accelerates, how can artists' residencies be testing grounds for new – and better – ways of living and working? This eight-part podcast series brings together artists, researchers and activists from across the Nordic region and Scotland to explore this question.

Testing Grounds will launch on Friday 27th January 2023, with episodes released monthly. Subscribe to listen!

Testing Grounds is presented by the Nordic Alliance of Artists’ Residencies on Climate Action (NAARCA), a collaboration between seven artists’ residencies. We’re working together to develop, test and communicate new ways of living that are ecologically, socially, mentally and financially sustainable. 


Credits: Testing Grounds is produced and edited by Katie Revell and includes original music by Loris S. Sarid and artwork by Jagoda Sadowska. With thanks to Alex Marrs and the rest of the NAARCA team.

Contact us: naarca.art/contact-us

Who we are: Art Hub Copenhagen (Denmark), Artica Svalbard (Norway), Baltic Art Center (Sweden), Cove Park (Scotland), Saari Residence (Finland), Skaftfell Art Center (Iceland) and Narsaq International Research Station (Greenland).

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